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Every Kid a Hero

Every Kid a Hero

Hello World! My name is Katelyn and I'm currently a senior at Valley High School. My friend Casey and I are trying to raise $7,000 for Children's Cancer Connection. I have always had an interest in childhood cancer and after spending much time in the clinic, I knew I wanted to make a difference. So, I set my ambitious goal to raise $7,000 to send 20 kids to camp with a backpack to kick start their adventures and excitement and asked my friend Casey who shares the same passion as I, to help. Not only do we want to raise $7,000, we want to get as many people involved as we can to truly make this a community effort to help support those in OUR community battling childhood cancer and to help raise awareness. I am continually amazed by these kids; they are some of the strongest, happiest kids I have met and they continually prove to be a great inspiration, and to us, they are heroes! I often feel that childhood cancer is one of those topics that people try to avoid, because the thought of a child battling something as horrific as cancer is just too much to think about. What isn't talked about, doesn't exist right? Wrong. We need YOUR help to reach our goal! We are doing this for the kids that have won their battle, are currently fighting their battle, and for those that have lost their battle. Please, help us send kids to camp for a week of new friends, a chance to just be a kid, and for unforgettable memories that are sure to last longer than the week they're there! Any donation, no matter how big or small, will make a huge difference! Many Thanks, Katelyn Cinnamon and Casey Drake

Raised: $10,619

Goal: $7,000





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